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      1.  We accept Credit Card payments through:

      A.  Checks and Money Orders. Made payable to:

      Shadows in the Dark
      22627 Mathis Rd.
      San Antonio, TX 78264.


      1.  We will attempt to collect payment via Email or USPS Mail.

      2.  Non Payment of accounts will result in a SUSPENDED ACCOUNT STATUS.


      1.  FREE Shipping on all orders over $50.

      2.  Gift items will be shipped using UPS Ground Shipping for Street Addresses.

      2A.  Most large weight items have a shipping restriction within the Continental United States ONLY!

      3.  Gift items will be shipped using USPS for PO Box Addresses.

      4.  International Orders are not allowed for FREE Shipping Charge.


      1.  Orders for Return, ALL items are to be sent to the address above.

      2.  10% Restock FEE will be applied for returns within 30 days.

      3.  20% Restock FEE will be applied for returns after 30 days.


      1.  All items must be returned for a Full Refund less Shipping costs.

      2.  Checks or Money orders made payable to: SHADOWS IN THE DARK.

      3.  Check payments must allow 5 - 7 days to process before shipping.


      1.  Any damaged items will be reorderd FREE of charge.

      2.  Return Damaged item to address above.

      3.  If no replacement is available another choice can be made.

      4.  Refund issued if Replacement can not be made.


      1.  All Returned checks will be applied a $20 Return Check Fee.

      2.  Checks must have at least 5 - 7 business days to clear.


      1.  If a report of Fraud has taken place, the Local authorities will be notified.

      2.  The San Antonio, TX/Bexar County Sherriff will be contacted for a Police Report.


      1.  All information collected from this site will not be distributed to any unauthorized user.

      2.  The only time information will be given is if Section VIII is reported.