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    How are Business cards ordered?

    1.  Online orders:

    A.  Email us for information to be Brailled on Business cards.

    2.  Direct Mail Shipping:

    A.  UPS, USPS or FED EX send to:

    3.  Ship Business Card Orders to:

    Shadows in the Dark
    22627 Mathis Rd.
    San Antonio, TX 78264

    How long do Braille Projects take?

    1.  Most Braille Service orders usually only take a few days to complete.

    2.  Braille Business Cards: Turnaround time will depend on the size of the project to complete.

    3.  Business Cards or Wholesale Braille Card will be sent Flat Rate Priority Mail.

    4.  Small Braille Card orders will be sent Priority Mail.

    Cart Id: (3732322)

    1.  Gift Items will be shipped using. USPS GROUND

    2.  Flat Rate Handling Fee: $11.00 on all orders.

    3.  Insurance Shipping Fee: 10.0%

    4.  International Orders: may require additional shipping cost. An email will be sent to request additional shipping amounts!

    5.  All Specialty Gift Items.

    6.  ***ALL prices subject to change without notice.***.

    Do you dropship and how does it work?

    1.  Dropshipping is available to all customers who live in the United States.

    2.  We will provide all tracking numbers for every order(s).

    3.  Drop shipping helps those who have a small businesses save on shipping costs.

    4.  No need to spend a lot of money on inventory. Buy only what you need or item(s) sold.

    What forms for payment do you accept?

    1.  We accept all major credit cards using Fill out the online form from the shopping cart and we will send by email a payment link.

    2.  Checks or Money orders made payable to: Shadows in the Dark.

    3.  Check payments must allow 5 - 7 days to process before shipping.

    Where are your items shipped from?

    1.  All our gift items are shipped from our supplier located in California.

    2.  All our Braille Service items are shipped from our headquarters in Texas.

    What Sales Tax Rates do you collect?

    1.  6.0% - Maryland/Washington D.C.

    MD TAX ID:  11824077

    2.  8.25% - Texas.

    TX TAX ID:  32037399089

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