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      Welcome to Shadows in the Dark. We are one of the largest suppliers for Braille Greeting cards, Braille Playing Cards, Braille Services, Gift items and much more.
      Please feel free to browse our site at any time.

    I. Braille Cards

      Each card is hand crafted for the extra personal touch including a Braille picture design along with your very own personalized message.
      All cards are available in the following languages below:

      Starting at just $1.50, we carry a large selection of cards that can be personalized for that special someone at no extra cost to you.

      We also have Dozen card sets starting at: $9.00

French Cards German Cards Spanish Cards
Italian Cards Norwegian Cards Portuguese Cards
Dutch Cards

    II. Braille Services

      1. Braille Business Cards

      Have your organization accessible for everyone when handing out a Braille business card. Most important, this also sends a positive message to a blind or
      visually impaired client(s) and how they will view your company when handed a card they can read independently.

      2. Announcements/Invitations

      Have a special occasion to announce? Shadows in the Dark can create a special note just for that special announcement or invitation.

      2 Dozen Announcements or Invitations starting at just $16.80.

    III. Gift Items

      1. Braille Playing Cards

      Do you have a friend or loved one who loves to play card games?
      We have a great assortment of Braille playing cards to choose from.

      2. Retail Gift Sales:

      Save on all gift items listed on the website(s). Great prices for everyone.

      No Minimum orders. Free Shipping with orders over $150.00!

      3. Wholesale Gift Sales:

      A perfect idea for Fundraisers, Small Businesses, Gift Shop Owners, Wholesalers, to make great profits at affordable prices. With drop shipping
      and Rush Delivery also available. Visit our secure site to register your Small Businesses, Hospital, or Organization.

      Once you are registered, email us at: and we can set your account up for Wholesale pricing!

      International orders may require additional shipping cost. Please read our shipping policy page before ordering for International orders!
      Company Policy .

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