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    1989 - 1992:  PHELAN, CA

    It was the start of the 89-90 school year in high school and, the beginning of a new friendship
    between Jeremy Hatheway (1972 - 1992) and Philip W. Myers (1973 - ). The two of us shared
    something in common. At the age of four, Jeremy was diagnosed with diabetes. Jeremy was also
    diagnosed with an eye disease called "Optic Nerve Atrophy" which had caused him to become
    completely blind. In 1973, shortly after being born, Philip was diagnosed with Congenital Toxoplasmosis.

    While together at school, we had talked about going into business one day that would provide
    a special service for those who are blind or visually impaired. We had decided that the business
    would consist of having Braille greeting cards, specialty gift items and sports trading cards all in one.
    While at school, Jeremy had started getting Philip familiarized with learning to read Braille.

    On January 3, 1992 a cold winter morning Philip had received a phone call from his parents about
    the passing of Jeremy. At the age of only 19, he passed away from his battle with diabetes. This
    was a little difficult on Philip becuase he was about to graduate later in the year from Serrano High school.

    09/1992 - 04/1993:  ALBANY, CA

    From the months of September 1992 through April 1993, Philip attended a school for the blind in the
    San Francisco/Oakland area called "The Orientation Center for the Blind" located in the small town of
    Albany, California. At this school, Phil had learned how to read and write Braille, became comfortable
    with using a white cane, learned how to use the mass transit system, as well as other independent
    living skills.

    From the months of November 1992 through March 1993, Philip started having some complications with
    the Toxoplasmosis. During this time his doctors had run a series of tests that would result of a new
    diagnosis made at the end of March 1993. The confirmation was concluded by doing a spinal tap prcedure.

    At the age of 19, Philip was diagnosed with a second condition called Hydrocephalus (water on the brain).
    On April 1, 1993 and April 9, 1993, Philip had undergone two eye surgeries to relieve the pressure from
    his eyes caused by the Toxoplasmosis and Hydrocephalus. A procedure called Nerve Sheath
    Decompression. An incision on the optic nerves was the procedure completed.

    By the end of April of 1993, Philip had completed his training after only seven months of being at The
    Orientation Center for the Blind.

    1993 - 1995:  PHELAN, CA

    A few months after returning to his home in Southern, California, Philip saw another specialist in
    San Diego, who did not like the diagnosis given from Oakland. This doctor had discussed with my
    parents about the placement of a Shunt to help drain the excess fluid build up on the brain. On
    August 24, 1993, the surgery was successful for the placement of the shunt.

    Before the surgery, Philip had wanted to start his College studies in Victorville, California. After two
    weeks into the Fall 1993 Semester, Philip had to drop all classes due to having the surgery. After
    recovering, he would resume his studies during the Spring and Summer 1994.

    1995 - 2004:  SHREVEPORT, LA

    In 1995, Philip and his family moved to Northwest Louisiana. The move was due to his father's career
    with the Military. His father retired from the Air Force in 1992 and was hired to work in the Civil Service
    so he could continue his history writing career for the Air Force.

    February 1995: Philip began working as a Volunteer with Family Services at Barksdale AFB, LA.
    In April 1995, Philip had a picture come to mind for his very first Braille card for Shadows in the Dark™:
    a Birthday Cake with Candles design in Braille. This was the beginning for creating Shadows in the Dark™.
    By November 1995, Philip had created six Braille cards with six Braille picture designs.

    January 1996: out of a one bedroom apartment in Bossier City, LA. Shadows in the Dark™ started
    selling the special line of Braille Pictured Greeting Cards after purchasing copyright protection for the cards.

    October 1997: Shadows in the Dark™ found a supplier that offered a large variety of specialty gift items
    at affordable prices for everyone.

    February 1999: Shadows in the Dark™ starts selling products and services online through their website.
    Offering a large selection of Braille Services and Specialty Gift items can be found on the website at
    great low prices everyday!

    June 2002: Shadows in the Dark™ started adding Foreign languages to the line Braille greeting cards
    available for the blind and visually impaired market.

    Starting in the Fall 1995 through the Fall of 2003, Philip would continue his college studies attending at
    Bossier Parish Community College in Bossier City, LA. At the end of the Fall 2003 semester, Philip was
    attempting to finish his studies. Still missing a few college hours to graduate with an Associates Degree
    in Psychology.

    December 2003: Philip was hospitalized due to a shunt malfunction. A tubing rupture and was the cause
    and had to be replaced. He spent three days in the hospital and was released three days before Christmas.

    2004 - 2005:  MARYLAND

    In 2004, Shadows in the Dark™ started selling Braille Playing cards for Poker to the assortment.

    In 2004, Shadows in the Dark™ aexpanded by adding Braille Business Card Services for the products
    and services available. Currently this service is completed by using a slate and stylus method.

    December 2005: Philip decided to relocate Shadows in the Dark™ back to Louisiana.

    2006 - 2008:  SHREVEPORT, LA

    January 2006: Shadows in the Dark™ celebrated their 10th year anniversary in business. In an attempt
    to increase sales Shadows in the Dark™ offered a 10% discount for the entire year in order to increase
    sales for the business.

    January 2006: Shadows in the Dark™ adds Uno, Spades, Pinochle, Bridge to the assortment of card
    games available in Braille.

    2008 - :  SAN ANTONIO, TX

    July 2008: Philip relocates Shadows in the Dark™ to the San Antonio, Texas area. This would prove
    to be a great move for the company in order to expand and to increase sales for Shadows in the Dark™.

    January 2009: Productivity increases for Braille Business Card Services when orders started to arrive
    for Most sales have now been genereated in this area of services for Shadows in the Dark™.

    In 2009, Shadows in the Dark™ added, Mille Borne, Skip Bo, Rook, Scrabble Slam, to the assortment
    of Braille Playing cards.

    January 2011: Shadows in the Dark™ celebrated their 15th year anniversary in business. In an attempt
    to increase sales Shadows in the Dark™ offered a 15% discount for the entire year in order to increase
    sales for the business. Philip was diagnosed with having type 2 diabetes at age thirty seven.

    As of today, Shadows in the Dark™ is one of the largest providers for Braille Greeting Cards. By currently
    offering twenty-nine card occasions available in eight languages: (English, French, Italian, Norwegian,
    German, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese) with more than twenty Braille Picture designs for the cards.

    In Memory of: Jeremy Hatheway (1972 - 1992).

Jeremy Hatheway - Picture from Class of 1991 Serrano High School Yearbook JEREMY HATHEWAY
DOB: July 27, 1972 - January 3, 1992

Edgar Allen Poe

American Indian art, history, artifacts, collecting rocks, reading mysteries

Philip W. Myers - Picture taken in December 2005 PHILIP W. MYERS
DOB: August 8, 1973 -
Agana Heights, Guam

1995 - 2003: Bossier Parish Community College
(3 Credit Hours to Graduation)

1988 - 1992: Serrano High School

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